Jewelry care tips and information

Jewelry care tips and information

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You Must Have The Different Of Bracelets

images (1)Bracelets are very important and integral part of jewelry items and is loved by women all over the world. These days the bracelets are equally famous in men and women. There are many different types and uses of bracelets like camilla charm bracelets etc.

We can classify the bracelets on the basis of materials or on the basis of their purpose. Different materials are used to make the bracelets like gold, silver, diamond etc. The price depends on the material and finishing of the product. People usually like the light weighed bracelets. Some bracelets are made from hemp. Some are hand made inside homes. Some types are also prepared commercially. Usually the customized bracelets are hand made.

Bracelets also serve some purposes. For example some are friendship bracelets and are only used to give to the friends. These are usually handmade. These bracelets are not made from heavy metals. Instead the colored hemps are twisted together with good looking knots to produce a great customized gift for your friend or loved one.

Some are used for some cause. For example, cancer awareness bracelets are also available.

Perfect Jewellery For Special Gift

imagesIf you are looking for a special gift have you thought about purchasing a piece of unique and original handmade jewellery? You will find ranges that have been crafted from silver and gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones and anything from glass beads to acrylics and wood. In these you will find earrings, bracelets, jewellery sets, pendants and necklaces.

Silver is becoming more popular with both the young and old and you can find some very elegant designs that have been crafted from this material in truly original designs. It is one of the favoured mediums for young and talented artisans to work with. Handmade jewellery designs can be stylish and contemporary with simple elegant lines where the designer has polished the metal till it shines giving us elegant lines and pairs of long twisted earrings, jewellery sets of matching earrings and bracelets and necklaces that are real statement pieces. These pieces are up to date and the vogues of the moment but because of their art lead designs these will never date and will become the classics of the future making these pieces a good

Jewelry For a Hobby

images (2)If you are a newbie to jewelry making then you must be thinking how to get the most out of this great hobby. Value of money is very important and you do not want to end up breaking up the bank and buy wholesale jewelry supplies so that you can save money. When you buy the beads on wholesale, you can save about 50% of your cost which ensures you do not have to lay your hands on quality of items. There are some things which you need to focus when you start this hobby.

The first thing you have to do is to find a legit wholesale dealer. There are plenty of suppliers operating in the market and you can even visit there warehouses too. You would find a variety of wholesale jewelry supplies at these places. The thing is that you need to know about what you have to buy and what not to buy. You can also buy the wholesale jewelry supplies from the internet as they are available to everyone. You can save a lot of money when you buy

Sell Your Gold Jewelry

The unit of measure used to value precious metals is a “troy ounce”. Every troy ounce of pure gold, platinum or silver can be “diluted” or “alloyed” with other metals to make jewelry. In the United States, gold jewelry is usually alloyed in 10 karat (kt), 14 kt, or 18kt. The higher the karat the higher the level of pure gold your jewelry will yield. The percentage of pure gold in 10kt is 41%, 14kt is 58.3% and 18kt is 75%. So, when the price of pure gold is $800 per ounce, 10kt is valued at $333/oz, 14kt is valued at $466/0z and 18kt is valued at $600/oz. The actual price you can expect to receive will depend on the quantity you are selling. However, if someone offers you less than 50% of the above prices you should find another buyer!

The weight of precious metal jewelry is measured in one of two ways: either in pennyweight (DWT) or in grams (GR). Don’t let this confuse you. An ounce of gold weighs either 20 pennyweight or 31.1grams.

When selling your gold jewelry, you should expect to be told the pennyweight or the gram weight of the piece(s) you are selling and a

Stainless Steel Jewelry For A Women

Women in general love jewelry, and cannot have enough if it. Be it gold, silver, platinum, women just like hoarding exquisite pieces of jewels, but more often than not, it does burn a very big hole in the pocket which takes months and months to re-instate. Stainless steel jewelry is really inexpensive and these days it is available in plenty of designs, which can be chunky or subtle whatever be your style. A number of stores sell stainless steel jewelry and they also are available online.

The main advantages of buying stainless steel jewelry for women online have been mentioned below:

  • By now most women are spoilt for choices, as there is an array and variety of almost everything. So when you visit an online store which sells stainless steel jewelry for women, you will definitely find a lot of designs which will catch your fancy. Most designs look really classy and will suit most women and their personalities.
  • You are bound to find something for all age groups, so from trinkets to studs, to charm bracelets to beautiful rings, there is something for everyone.
  • You could also purchase something for the man in your life, while you buy jewelry for yourself. For example

Know the Imitation Jewelry

The pure gold and silver jewelry would hardly require any upkeep or maintenance, just a wipe of the cloth and they would shine like new. However the same cannot be said for imitation jewelry. Whether you are a customer, a retailer or an Imitation Jewelry Manufacturer in Mumbai, where humidity is high, you need to take good care of the artificial Jewelry.

Here we provide you with some tips on maintaining your prized collection in the best of condition so that it is as good as the day you first bought it:

  • Wipe it Clean: Whenever you wear your jewelry for an occasion it is most likely that some amount of sweat and dust is likely to stick on. Make sure you wipe it with a soft cotton cloth before storing it away. This will help in preventing discoloration.
  • Settings Jewelry: The jewelry having stone settings or zircons should be wiped with a muslin cloth so that the prongs do not get pulled out and dislocate the stones.
  • Storage: Try to store the jewelry pieces separately instead of putting them all in one box. This will prevent discoloration, chipping, tangling etc.
  • Storage Mediums: Use soft pouches to store away your jewelry or alternately place them in

Designer jewellery

The designer jewelleries are always unique and they are exclusive in designs. The price range are also quite high and this makes the buyers and the targeted audience divert to the traditional ones. But how to sell theones that have a huge tag price attached to it? Here we have a few marketing tips for getting the right type of audience towards your master piece and have a promising and valuable connection.

The most important thing for any jewellery marketing is to be on their words. Being up on the word will not only help you fetch more buyers but it will also help you retain the relationship with the buyers and the customers. What you can do at first is keep trying your jewellery on everyone who comes across. You can do this as much as possible. This will not only help you popularize the product but it will also help you in getting familiarized with the brand too. The more the people will get familiarized, the more it will be talked about and thus will help you in getting popular.

If you have a website, you can try reaching the top google search through the search engine optimization. This you

Find the best of online personalized jewellery store

Personalized jewelry makes for unique gifts and they are ideal for such special occasions as birthdays and anniversaries. There are many online stores and marketplaces selling high-quality custom jewelry and name jewelry. Knowing what makes a good online store and marketplace for personalized jewelry will help you get the best possible deal, both in terms of cost and the quality of the jewelry.

In most online stores and marketplaces, it is advisable for users to register to make name necklace purchases. This enables the website to give you a customized shopping experience. A good website is, however, one that also allows you to buy name necklaces from the site without registering.

A good online store and marketplace is one that offers free shipping. You will note that most good sites have this offer for regular shipping and handling. In the U.S., this usually takes 21 business days. For users who want to receive their name necklaces faster, there are paid services. The fastest option usually takes 7 business days and the other about 14 business days. Note that the faster you receive the package, the more you will pay. A good company is one that has competitive rates. You should research on

Tips to buy jewelry for your kid

Jewellery shopping online has become a trend, but the same trend can be applied on kids as well?? Specially, buying Gold Jewellery Online for Kids should be done carefully as they have sensitive skin and only real gold and silver metals can be compatible on their skin. Gold or Silver plated jewellery will be in no match and it will produce some rashes on their skin. Jewellery must neither be very tight for comfort nor too loose. Normally, jewellery is gifted to kids most of the times for baby showers or for baby naming ceremonies. Read on to know more about buying jewellery for babies.

Gold Jewellery can be bought from the early stage itself but buying online can be a teething task. But, it can be bought from the renowned retailers who have introduced the collection for kids. buying Gold Jewellery online for kids is done when they are babies and as they grow, the parents start buying for them for special occasions. Buying jewellery can be a cumbersome job for parents but if they know the ground rules and few tips, then it becomes an easier task. They are fondly treasured as keepsakes for the parents as the baby

Personalized Jewelry On Care

Special pieces such as personalized necklaces and customized charm bracelets deserve special attention. They should be stored properly, cleaned and maintained regularly to extend their life. Here are some tips on cleaning, storing and caring for jewelry.

Personalized jewelry made from silver can tarnish in storage. To prevent this store silver pieces in re-sealable plastic bags with anti-tarnish strips. These strips are easily available in jewelry stores and need to be replaced every six to eight months. Other personalized jewelry such as charm bracelets made from glass, plastic or wooden beads and charms can be cared for with clear nail polish. Coat the beads with clear polish and let dry before wearing. This prevents jewelry from tarnishing and it also helps to retain the finish.

Avoid exposing special personalized jewelry to chlorine, extreme temperature changes and chemicals. Never keep or store your jewelry in humid rooms such as the bathroom. Whether you store it or display it, the bedroom vanity is an excellent place for your jewelry. It will stay dry and cool and more importantly, will be easily accessible when getting ready to go out.

Personal and beauty care products such as hairspray, perfume and makeup can tarnish costume jewelry and pearls.

Buy the right jewelry

Depending Primarily on Cost

You need to make sure that you are getting a good value for the jewelry you are buying. You may spend a lot of money on a piece of jewelry that is not worth the price, and you certainly do not want to buy a piece of jewelry just because it is the most inexpensive on the display. It might be inexpensive but it still might not be worth the price tag.

Not Carefully Choosing a Retailer

Before you buy a piece from any one particular jeweler, be sure that you are being as careful as possible about the retailer you choose. Different retailers will have different values regarding the source of their materials as well as making sure that the pieces they are selling in their store are of high quality and that they stand behind their inventory.

Ignoring the Recipient’s Preferences

If you are buying jewelry for someone in particular, you should know what their preferences are beforehand. There are a lot of different options and features to consider that you should discuss with the recipient ahead of time. If you are buying a ring, for example, for a fiancé, it might be worth it to you and to

Jewelry Photograph

If you are looking for jewellery exporters from India, Sterling Silver India is a great place for all of your jewellery finds. You can find a wide range of wholesale jewellery from Sterling Silver Jewelry Suppliesfrom India.

Techniques of Taking Photos of Your Jewellery

If you want to have good quality pictures of the jewellery you sell, there are some simple techniques you need to abide by. It is important to setup the jewellery correctly if you want achieve results that you can be proud of. If you use a light tent,it will soften the shadows of the pieces and eliminate glare but will give you a clean background.

Sharpness, Lighting and Exposure

The key to having great photographs of the jewellery that you sell is sharpness, lighting and exposure. If you have gemstones you are photographing, you want to make sure that they are going to sparkle in the photos. All of the photos need to be sharp and have a crisp focus. If you want to get those close-up shots of your jewellery, you are most likely going to have to get a camera with good manual focus feature on it.

Using a Tripod

In order to get a sharp image of the photos

Jewelry Care Tips

Jewelry is often crafted as unique pieces that are sometimes personalized. They last a lifetime but they get tarnished, dirty or rusted over time. If your favorite necklace is one of your Best Jewelry Gifts but isn’t as shiny as you would like it to be, you can try cleaning it. Not sure how to? Here are some easy care and maintenance tips you can do at home:

Try these tips every day to increase the shine and life of jewelry pieces:

A.    Certain chemicals can stain or destroy the metal surfaces. So if you need to apply any cosmetics, hairspray, lotions or perfumes- do it before you put on your jewelry. This is to prevent traces of chemicals from getting stuck to the surfaces.

B.    After removing any piece of jewelry that you’ve worn, wipe them down to remove sweat oils, cosmetics from it. You can quickly rinse them down with warm water, a soft brush and any gentle liquid soap. Jewelry can get dirty or develop stain is you let all of this build up.

C.    Store all jewelry in a separate box or cloth bag that has been lined with soft fabric. Each piece has to be wrapped individually in tissue

Jewelry beads Is the best idea

Sometimes dealing with jewelry beads can be topsy-turvy. We have all been there; stuck with same design and same combination of chains and stringing jewelry beads. Perhaps your customers are expecting a new combination – something you would want to introduce that’ll just entice them with splendor. You have all the liberty, so, put on this, that; mix, match, loop, lay off surprise and string all what your heart wants. I find it amazing for customizing what I create with new ideas and charms every time.

There can be many ways you can optimize variety of charms. I find the following worthwhile of all surprise you have about applying them.

Things you need:

• Embroidery floss

• Sturdy ribbons

• Jewelry beads

• Charms

• Crimping tube

• Pliers – needle and flat nose

• Jump ring

Try Different Material In Necklaces

Who says you are bound to limits with one material to make a strand of a necklace? Yes, you can add various types of materials making your necklaces. Since, necklaces are 16 to 18 inches long, you are in for the excitement of adding a different material. I can share my experience. I mixed assorted chains with each other, and did exactly the same with braided embroidery floss and

How to find the best of Jewelry making

There are a lot of people who are now into the jewelry making business. They either do it as a hobby or make money out of it. Many jewelry designers are working in the fashion industry who make use of the beads and supplies for making attractive jewelry for their potential customers. It does not matter what kind of a jewelry designer you are, you will always need the right supplies for making the items you want. For this the supplies for jewelry making are purchased to give the finished item a look that will make anyone believe that it is quality assured just by looking at it once.

As some designers do not have the access to buy from the retail stores this is why they have to choose an alternative. The thing that confuses a lot of jewelry makers is that where to buy from. There are a lot of firms working in this industry trying to make its way to the top by keeping their costs low and increasing their prices. But some of these firms fail to provide quality supplies for jewelry making to their customers. An individual might be attracted to the low prices but when

Craft Idea For Your Family

With wide range of design options available today, it is no wonder polymer clay flowers are getting noticed in the crafting world. Fit for both children and adults working with polymer clay can provide you a complete new way of having fun with your kids also.

These flowers are fashioned out of polymer clay, which is commonly known as Fimo. This polymer clay can be shaped into different creations. After that you just bake the clay in your kitchen oven to make a hard material that you can slice, drill, sand and paint to get even more creative effects. Because this clay is so easy to work with, it has become trendy to create your own clay flowers and beads like the ever popular crystal beads for jewelry making.

Making Polymer Clay Flower

The process of creating the flowers is simple. Just pinch off a little clay, knead it in your hands and mold it into the form you like or you can use a specific molder to give it the perfect shape.

You can make polymer clay flower in a wide variety of shapes, using different tools and techniques. There is certainly no limit except your imagination and you can work with the

Have You Choose A Promise Ring

There are different religious designs and symbols made for rings that are used for different spiritual and Christian promises. We have Christian promise rings for everyone and just about for whatever the need is. When wearing a promise ring a person needs to really be sure of their commitment and also know that their promise is understood by all who see the ring and also by the person themselves. What is the intent of the promise ring that you are wearing, and do you take it to heart?

There is a promise ring worn by someone who wants to make a religious commitment and this is in reference to that person’s faith. A Christian or another person like a monk, a nun, or a seminary student even a priest may want to wear a religious promise ring. It represents their devotion freely given to their God. These promise rings may have a cross on them as the reminder of what Jesus did for humanity and also when someone looks at it they remember their promise of devotion to Jesus or their one of worship.

Young people will wear a Christian purity promise ring and this is generally connected to their religious ideals.

How To Find Cheap Clip On Earrings

Clip on Earrings for Women – The New Fashion Mantra

Clip on earrings for women are very popular nowadays, and the fact that they are so convenient just adds to their value! These are great for women who have pierced their ears, as well for those who have been too squeamish about a hole in their sensitive lobes! These earrings are available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes, to suit the different shapes of faces.

Clip on earrings for women are available in a variety of metals. Of course, gold is more traditional compared to all other metals. However, silver clip-ons are just as attractive and stylish as other metals. You can even try these clip-ons at the top of your ears – such is their versatility! You no longer have to depend on having your ears pierced in order to wear the earrings of your choice.

How to Choose the Best Clip on Earrings for Women

There are a number of clip-ons available today. But you do need to be careful about what you choose! If you’ve opted for clip-ons specifically because you are allergic to some metals, you need to be extra careful. Here are a few pointers about choosing

Find The Great Rings For Women

Women and men both love to wear Christian and religious rings. When buying rings for women there are many designs to choose from and each ring usually means something different. There are a lot of rings for women that are meant to be christian rings that are religious. Men wear rings but are less likely to than women. Teenagers are very fond of wearing rings and just love wearing what is called a promise ring. It is harder for children to wear rings because of the size and also they just play too much to really take care of a ring. Children are usually allowed to wear them for special occasions and generally young girls usually wear rings more than boys.

There are many different rings for women that are considered Christian rings and religious rings. Some rings have a religious meaning to them and others don’t. Some rings are very sentimental like a wedding ring, engagement ring, and a promise ring. My mother had a family tree ring that had 10 birthstones on it representing the 10 children that she had. Then there are rings that are just fun to wear like Indian made turquoise rings and others of that

Wholesale Jewelry

Over the years, the demand for wholesale jewelry making supplies has increased rapidly because you can do so much with it. On top of that, the ease to buy wholesale items from all over the world is now possible even if you are sitting at home. You can find out the trade shows for jewelry supplies and visit them to grab the most wonderful and rare supply for various jewelry making projects.

If you think that the wholesale jewelry making supplies are going to be too much for you, learn about the different things that you can do with them:

Make jewelry for yourself

If you like to wear jewelry, you would even love the fact that you can make jewelry for yourself with the supplies. It is not really that hard to get started, all you have to do is make the best out of your personal creativity. You will have tons of jewelry to wear without spending much money.

Making jewelry for selling

If you think you have enough supply to make jewelry items for others as well, then why not make jewelry for selling purposes? This might take a lot of time and effort but it will be worth it in the